Art, in all its various stages of progression, is intellectual property.
As such, it is protected by copyright laws.

Protection of intellectural property is especially crucial
when art, in any of its forms, is in its developmental (conceptual) stage.

At EastMont Productions, we value not only the art, but the concepts behind the art,
whether those concepts are the property of the artists involved or the patrons or
clients who may provide their own concepts for a selected artist or artist team to incorporate.

BELOW are links for works "in progress" or those still in the "conceptual stage." If a client requests, these links can be password protected to permit access only by the patrons, clients and artists involved.
Current clients of EastMont Productions or associate artists:
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If your page is password protected, you will be asked for the password provided either in your commission contract or via separate correspondence.
"River Cycle"
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Harvey Rabbit & Herkimer Hare Illustrations
SAC Missile Static Display