EastMont Productions

Photo Album

No products or services on this page.
Instead, this is where we get to share
a little of our environment with you.

Just as our company name reflects geography,
so too are we a reflection of the geography we call home.
Welcome to our geography,
our environment, our home!
Clients Only
The proverbial "fork in the road." Just a couple miles south of town.
Yes, it  really is this green!
Near Maynard Ridge in the Big Snowy Mountains just a few miles from  town. This photo was taken in summer.
Our idea of a "day at the office" in the Swimming Woman Canyon of the Big Snowy Mountains.
White tail doe watches from a stand of autumn aspen trees.
Ahh. WInter.
The end of a perfect day is a fantastic sunset. We get this kind of sunset a lot.